How New is “New”?

First, a confession:  I have been admittedly remiss on this site in keeping my audience posted on new updates in the Jodi Huisentruit investigation. It has generally been my habit over the years to refer readers to information shown on the FindJodi website. My colleagues there are masterful in keeping Jodi-related news current,so I will continue to defer to them.  For me, blogging on a constant and continual basis is something of a futile exercise!

The simple fact is, after more than 23 years, there isn’t much “new” evidence in this cold case, and authorities remain no closer to solving it.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that writers and journalists will stop trying to draw attention to it with so-called “new information.”

That brings us to the buzz lately about the airing of a new edition of CBS 48 Hours on Saturday, December 15 (CBS, 10pm EST, 9pm CST).  It purports to share “new information” and “never-seen-before”video footage.  CBS decided to produce this new show after hearing about FindJodi’s billboard campaign in Mason City last June.  We used the occasion of what would have been Jodi’s 50th birthday to erect the billboards, which simply proclaimed “Somebody Knows Something.  Is it You?”, along with a huge picture of Jodi. Our team was pleasantly surprised when a CBS producer showed up at the site of one of the billboards, where we held a media event on June 5.  We are always delighted by the interest, of course.  After all, how else to keep this and other cold cases in the public spotlight? Who knows when somebody in the audience might be moved to reveal something as yet still hidden?

I will be one in the CBS television audience tonight, and look forward to seeing the finished product. Though I was interviewed and treated to lunch by CBS producer Charlotte Fuller in New York City last summer, I was not one of the team to be interviewed on camera.  My Find Jodi colleague, Caroline Lowe (a private investigator and former WCCO-TVMinneapolis reporter), will be one of those featured tonight.

The FindJodi team remains heartened by the resolution of Minnesota’s Jacob Wetterling 1989 abduction case after nearly thirty years.  It gives me and others hope that the Huisentruit case will get fresh attention and eventually, answers.   A couple of months ago, Stearns County Sheriff Don Gudmundson got a lot of media play by claiming the Wetterling investigation was badly botched and by saying that it “went off the rails very early.”  I can’t help but think of how that applied to Jodi’s case, too.  In saying this, I truly do not intend to point fingers at any law enforcement agency.  As I recount in my book, DEAD AIR, valuable time was lost on the morning of Jodi’s disappearance, simply because police were not alerted to her disappearance until two and a half hours after the believed time of her abduction.  

Let me know what you think about the CBS show.  I always welcome emails at  As always, a BIG thank you for your continued interest!

Billboard launched in Mason City, Iowa, June 5, 2018